Raw materials

We supply raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food additives, technical applications, home-care and vaccine manufacturing.

Synthetic or natural

From synthetic to natural, we have solutions for all types of products and formulations.

Special requests

Looking for something specific and can’t find it? Let us find it for you.


We wont force you to buy that 200 kg drum. Some products have an MOQ of 100g.

Unique projects

High customizability lets us tailor make an ingredient just for you.

delivery On demand

We will stock it for you. No more than a few days of lead time on recurring purchases.


All of our ingredients are well documented and comply with the different worldwide regulations.

Formulation Lab

Used to develop new formulations as well as test and experience our ingredients “hand on”.¬†

Stability testing

We make sure that the product remains as intended for a period of time.


Preservations system change, replace outdated silicones, increasing biodegradability and more.

SPF formulations

We offer several formulations for sun care applications, especially for the premium market.


We will help you make a single product or a complete line, replace a specific substance or choose a unique fragrance or color.


When I was a kid my father used to quote Francis Bacon’s: “knowledge is power”. One day I challenged him: “But knowledge is expansive”. My father simply replied: “If you think that knowledge is expensive, you should see how much lack of it costs”


We are up-to-date and will make sure to offer suitable ingredients for the relevant markets.


Industry awareness is key when trying to tackle any market. It is advantageous to launch the right product at the right time 


Reading the market is not enough. Being able to predict needs and trends is also required.